Publikacije - ultratanki slojevi

Growth and electronic properties of ultra-thin Ag films on Ni(111)
V. Mikšić Trontla, P. Pervan and M. Milun
Surface Science 603 (2009) 125-130

d-band quantum well states in Ag(111) monolayer films; substrate-induced shifts
I. Pletikosic , VM Trontl, M Milun, R. Brako, D. Šokčević, P. Pervan
Journal of Physics-C   20 (2008) Article Number: 355004

Atomic structure of surfaces and ultrathin films
VM Trontl, I. Pletikosic, P. Pervan P, M. Milun
Croat Chem Acta79 (2006) 311-318

Experimental and ab initio study of the structural and electronic properties of subnanometer thick Ag films on Pd(111)
VM Trontl, I Pletikosic, M Milun, P Pervan, P Lazic, D Sokcevic, R Brako,
Phys. Rev. B, 72 (2005) 235418

Hybridization schemes for Ag films on V(100)
M. Kralj
Surface Science599(1-3) (2005) 150-159

Surface waves on Ag/V(100)
M. Kralj, M. Milun, and P. Pervan
Surface Science 557(1-3) (2004) 208-214

Spin-orbit inetracion in ultra thin Ag films on Cu(100)
V. Miksic-Trontl, M. Kralj, M. Milun, and P. Pervan
Surface Science 551(2004)125-131

d-band quantum well states in ultrathin silver films on V(100)
M. Kralj, P. Pervan, M. Milun, T. Valla, P.D. Johnson, and D.P. Woodruff
Phys. Rev. B 68 (2003) 245413

Tetragonal silver films on V(100): Experimental and ab initio studies
M. Kralj, P. Pervan, M. Milun, P. Lazic, Z. Crljen, R. Brako, J. Schneider, A. Rosenhahn,   and K. Wandelt
Phys. Rev. B 68 (2003) 195402

Quantum Well Structures in Metal Films: Simple Model Physics in Reality?
M. Milun, P.Pervan, D.P. Woodruff
Reports on Progress in Physics 65(2002)99-142

Growth of copper and vanadium on a thin Al2O3-film on Ni3Al(111)
A. Wiltner, A. Rosenhahn, J. Schneider, P. Pervan, M. Milun,  M. Kralj, K.Wandelt
Thin Solid Films  400(2001)71-75

Temperature dependence of photoemission from quantum-well states in Ag/V(100): moving  surface-vacuum barrier effects
M. Kralj, A. Šiber, P. Pervan, M. Milun T. Valla, P.D. Johnson and D.P. Woodruff
Physical Review B 64 (2001) 085411

Oscillatory  Electron-Phonon coupling in ultra-thin silver films on V(100)
T.Valla, M.Kralj, A. [iber, P. Pervan and M. Milun, P.D.Johnson, D.P.Woodruf
J.Phys.Condens. Matter  12(2000)L477-L482

Photoemission intensity variations  from Quantum Well States in the Ag/V(100) Single Monolayer Overlayer structure
D.P. Woodruff, M.Milun, P.Pervan,
J.Phys.Condens. Matter 11 (1999) L105-L110

Growth, structure and properties of ultra-thin copper films on a V(110) surface
M. Kralj, P. Pervan and M. Milun,
Surface Science   423(1999)24-31

Photoemission Intensity Oscillations from Quantum Well States in the Ag/V(100) Overlayer Systems
M.Milun, P.Pervan , B.Gumhalter and D.P.Woodruff
Physical Review B 59(1999) 5170-5177

Interatomic Resonant Photoemission from Quantum well States in Ultra-thin Films of Ag on V(100)
P.Pervan,  M.Milun and D.P.Woodruff
Physical Review Letters 81(1998)4995

Structural and electronic properties of vanadium ultra-thin films on Cu(100)
P.Pervan, T.Valla and M.Milun
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Photoemission study of ultra-thin vanadium films on Cu(100)
P.Pervan, T.Valla and M.Milun
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Growth modes and electronic properties of copper ultra-thin film on V(100)
T.Valla, P.Pervan, M.Milun and K.Wandelt
Surface Science 374(1997)51-61

Electronic structure of Silver and Copper Ultra-thin Films on V(100): Quantum Well States
T.Valla, P.Pervan, M.Milun, A.B.Hayden and D.P.Woodruff
Phys. Rev. B 54(1996)11786-11795